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Ve of the Indycar Series !

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2007 and 2008 Indy 500 Track Car Owners, READ ON .....

The Pace Car Registry has been contacted by the National Corvette Museum in search of the owners of the (57) 2007 and (61) 2008 Indianapolis 500 Pace cars that were assigned for use at the Speedway in 2007 and 2008.

They have in their posession the "Photo Books" that were developed for each of the cars.

What is a Photo Book? When the cars were distributed to the keepers of the cars during the race (IMS Festival Committee, Track officials, etc.), they were also given a disposable camera and told to take photos of the places they took their cars - Indy 500 Festival events, or wherever. These cameras were returned with the cars after the race, and these photo books were created.

Photo content varies per book, based on what photos were taken, but there is a "standard" photo set at the minimum.

Pictured here are some additional photos of the 2007 books.

The book has a black "felt" like feel with an aluminum front cover and photo of the 2007 Pace car sitting on the bricks at the entrance to Gasoline Alley. Also on the cover is an engraved plate with the vehicle's VIN number, 2007 Indy 500 event logo, and 50th anniversary IMS Festival logo.

The inside cover has printed versions of these logos, and also identifies who the car was assigned to along with the VIN and track car numbers.

Photos are full color photographs (not computer printouts) that are 4"x6" in size.

And there is plenty of room in the album for expansion of your own photos of your car, or the event if you were there!


For 2008, the same book is used, and on the cover is a photo of the 2008 Black/Silver Pace car Convertible sitting on the front straight across from Pit Lane. It also includes the 2008 Indy 500 and Indy 500 Festival logos with your car's VIN number. Again, photo contents will vary per car.


The Museum has MOST, but not ALL of the books. To inquire about how you may obtain yours, please contact Betty at the National Corvette Museum at betty@corvettemuseum.com, or by phone at
1-800-53-VETTE. Please note that Chevrolet has donated these books to the NCM to be used as a fund raiser, and they will be asking for a tax deductable contribution.

You will be required to provide the full VIN of your car, your name and contact information, and Track car # to prove ownership. Betty can explain more, so call her ASAP.

Call her TODAY !