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2009 Corvette ZR1 Revealed!!
The King is Back!

Special report from the North American International Auto Show !


January 19th, 2008 8:10am
(The crowd awaits - notice the awards in front of the car - read more info below!!)

Once again, thanks to our friends at the National Corvette Museum, 200 Corvette enthusiasts were part of an extra ordinary event today - the "Revealing" of the all new 2009 Corvette ZR1 at the North American International Auto Show. While this is not a Pace Car, this is an event that we felt was newsworthy enough to share with our membership.

Several members of the Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car Registry were lucky enough to be in attendance when the cover came off!

The weekend started off with a very special offer to those in attendance, to tour Katech Engineering on Friday, home of the C6.r motor builder, and the builder of the powerplant for the all new C6RS turnkey Corvette program from Pratt & Miler. It was a great tour, and we thank Katech for allowing us all to tour their facility, learn about their company, and listen to one of those engines actually run !

After the tour, we headed back to the motel and went thru registration (picking up one of those GREAT button down Cutter and Buck long sleeve commemorative ZR1 shirts included in our packet!), reminisced with some old friends, and met some first time attendees to a NCM event!

EARLY this morning, after a great breakfast (thanks to the Somerset Inn for opening up their kitchen early to accomodate us at 6am!), 4 tour buses met us outside the motel for a nice ride to COBO Hall. Once there, we were wisked away to the Corvette display and awaited the unveiling.

Tom Wallace, Scott Settlemeyer, Kirk Bennion, Harlan Charles, Tom Peters, and several other GM officials were in attendance for the unveiling. One of our Registry members, Martha Fligor was actually selected to be one of the two people removing the car cover! What a surprise for her!

Above: Scott kicks off the ceremony!

Above: We welcomed Tom Wallace, GM Vehicle Line Executive, to the stage!

Above: Tom giving Martha (Marti) important instructions on how to pull back the cover!

Here we go!!

Going .......

Going .......

Revealed!! WOW, here she is! In the beautiful new 2009 color, Cyber Gray!

Carbon Fiber hood up - with that Polycarbonate viewing port! NO Hood Blanket!

The proud "parents"!

Above: Roc Linkov (light shirt) from the National Corvette Museum thanks the Chevrolet team for helping make this event possible!

Above: The exposed ZR1 frame, engine, and suspension in the background!

Notice the new Carbon Fiber front splitter and side ground effects!

Above: The LS9 powerplant cut away!

Above: Those GREAT new wheels! Available in Sterling Silver paint (pictured),
or optional Chrome plated!

A technical presentation and Q/A session lasted for about 1 1/4 hours, and then Tom Wallace had to leave to head to the airport to make the Barrett Jackson auction in Arizona, where another ZR1 (the Blue one) was in attendance to help auction off this evening the first ZR1 available for "public" sale for charity (Tom said he hoped to see it go for $750,000 - it's for a GREAT charity, United Way!).


This will be a one of a kind car - special VIN, special manufacturing code, and the only one produced in LeMans Blue!! Package includes Bob Bondurant driver school, some track time with Ron Fellows, an original GM design artists drawing, NCM delivery (or pickup at Jay Leno's "garage"), and much more!


During the day, the Corvette display was ALWAYS PACKED with interested visitors who wanted to hear about this new horse!

What else did Tom tell us?

  • At LEAST 620 hp, with 600 lbs of torque! Still undergoing final certification. The goal is 100hp per litre.
  • Speedo to 220 mph, with top speeds OVER 200mph!
  • Price - well, not sure yet - "around" $100,000 - maybe slightly less or more - someone overheard some background talk about maybe $109,000.
  • Dealers who will have them - not sure yet what the distribution program will be for the car.
  • 2000 - the estimated production run for model year 2009. BUT Tom said it will be VERY difficult to get one of the 2009 cars due to commitments already!
  • When will they be available for order - same as the production dates for model year 2009 Corvettes.
  • For the Z06 models, Red was the accent color on all cars (brake rotors, engine fuel rail covers, etc.) - ZR1 will be Blue!
  • Fuel economy - still undergoing tests - still hope to avoid "Gas guzzler" tax.
  • Emissions - still undergoing testing for California emissions certification.
  • 2 YEARS - Tom said at least a 2-year production run, based on demand.
  • EXPENSIVE - The price of that front Carbon Fiber splitter when the wife (or husband) takes it off on a parking curb at the Mall? The clearcoat process on the exposed Carbon Fiber is VERY EXPENSIVE, but the carbon fiber finish is guaranteed for the life of the car! They said one component in the panel fabrication is $60,000 a gallon (he did not say how many pieces they get out of a gallon), and the clearcoat finish on the CF is $2,000 per gallon. When someone in the crowd suggested $600-700 for a replacement splitter, the response from the podium was probably 5 times that number!
  • Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brake Rotors - Under "normal" driving conditions, should last the life of the car!
  • The car will be heading out to "the Ring" in Germany for testing and to try to beat the current Z06 speed / course records!
  • Michelin, yes Michelin tires are standard on the ZR1! When asked why, the response was that both Goodyear and Michelin were given the challenge to provide the tire for the supercar, and Michelin performance beat Goodyear!
  • NAIAS Accolades - Corvette 2009 ZR1 already awarded TWO achievements at the show :
    o The Detroit Press NAIAS Readers Choice "Best of Show"!
    o Autoweek's Editor's Choice for "Best of Show"!

And finally, several other great Vettes at the show!

The Pratt & Miller C6RS above in the Michelin booth!!

And at the ALMS booth - Welcome back old friends! Kick BUTT in 2008!

Something a little different for 2008 and Corvette Racing - going "Green".
The C6.r's will use E85 fuel at the US venues!

DID YOU MISS THE "Reveal" ??- CLICK below for the following :
(note: for best viewing of videos, high bandwidth required)