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Ve of the Indycar Series !

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The 2006 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Event Corvettes

A number (not all) of the Blue Corvette Convertible Festival cars from this year's Indy 500 were retained to support the Brickyard 400 race. The only changes to the cars were the replacement of the Indy 500 Event license plate with one from the Brickyard, and the event decal on the doors.

From Indy to the Brickyard ....

Pictured below are several scenes from the "rebadging" of the 2006 Corvette Convertibles - the removal of the Indianapolis 500 side logo and replacement with the Brickyard's.

1) Above: Start with one Festival Corvette from the Indianapolis 500.

5) Above and below: All cleaned up and no place to go... Removal of the old Indy graphics are complete and we are now waiting for our new graphics to be applied !

2) Above: To begin the removal process of the door decals that were applied for the Indianapolis 500, a little bit of heat is used to "help" in the removal process.

6) ... ok, just about ready to start....

3) Then, with a little diligence, and a few broken nails later, the decals are peeled from the car.

7) The moment of truth.....

4) One more tug should do it....

8) And the finished product !!